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The Bullet Journal System

Over the past few years, nostalgic yearning and the trend to disconnect have led to the resurgence of the popularity of pen and paper systems for productivity, journalling, art, and more.
Created by Ryder Carroll, the Bullet Journal System is designed to be the most flexible productivity tool in existence. Designed to be used in any notebook, the Bullet Journal system has risen in popularity due to the highly customizable and personal system someone can create.

While many have taken to using a Bullet Journal as a calendar and art journal in one, the Bullet Journal system was designed to be a distraction free task manager. Consisting of an Index, Collections, and Dailies, the system allows for a daily focus, collection of thoughts and other notes, and a way to track it all. Using symbols of varying types, one can at a glance see everything they have to do for the day, without tapping into apps, getting distracted, etc.

How it Works

A key point of the Bullet Journal is the set up. Whether at the end of the day, or the beginning, setting aside five minutes of your day allows you to focus on your tasks, prioritize them, and decide how best to tackle your tasks. As tasks come up during the day, you add them to your list, and either accomplish them, or prioritize them for another day.
The best thing about the Bullet Journal is that it is entirely customizable to you. The system allows you to customize layouts, add charts, notes, and other collections, and record what is important to you. The customization is endless, and there are plenty of Instagrammers and Facebook groups for all tastes of Bullet Journalist.


The best place to gather the basics on the system is the official website: Here, the creator of the system Ryder Carroll explains how it all began, how he uses the system, and profiles others and how they use the system.

It’s Yours

The key thing to remember: The notebook you create is for you. Don’t be intimidated by those who use the system as a creative release, a teaching tool, etc.

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