Iris By Lowe’s Smart Home

Iris is a simple, customizable smart home system by Lowe’s. Start with a single light bulb or a complete home security system. As your family grows, so can your smart home.


  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Home
  • Home Security 


  • Desktop Web App
  • Android(Mobile & Tablet)
  • iOS(Mobile & Tablet)

The Iris project was a fast-paced agile environment with two week sprints, focusing on both mobile and web app design. The team was small, so everyone handled every design aspect, including marketing materials, social media posts, video assets, visual design, iconography, and user experience design.

Lowe’s offers over 80 devices and dozens of trusted brands that work with Iris. Home alarm systems, door locks, thermostats, and more. 

The variety of functions Iris could be used for allowed for an expansive library of icons and interface elements.

Design was managed through two-week sprint cycles, aligning with the development cycle of the dev team.

As this was a version two product, user feedback was highly valuable and used to design sprint cycles and find user wants and needs for new and current features.

Because this project was a complete redesign and re-brand of an existing product, formulating a living design system was a high priority.

Due to the complex nature of the system, a simple, icon/photo based system was designed allowing for the various features of Iris to work seamlessly together.

Iris runs on a freemium model, with three different pricing tiers: Basic, Premium, Professional Monitoring.

These three experiences built off of one another, allowing users to switch plans and their bundled services at any time.

The Iris project started as just a next step in the brand’s mobile presences and design. Eventually it evolved into a community forum and web app as well.