The challenge at Iris was to take an existing acquired product, and update the visuals and experience to fit into the Lowe's look and feel, as well as expand into more service areas.
Screens from the Iris Application
Research was a constant ongoing process that included user interviews, business goals, submitted feedback and competitive analysis. We also had the privileged of self testing the product, and observing users in their own homes and self-designed systems.
Iris was designed to be a modular product, so additional devices and services could be constantly added. Because of this, a modular design system was put together. 

With the introduction of a new device or service a deep dive was taken into the requirements, and any user needs not covered by the modular system were inspected and given a cost benefit analysis. 
This sometimes meant that Iris may not be able to tap into each devices full suite of features, to provide a more cohesive experience by keeping controls comfortable and familiar.

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