Farmbox is a start-up working to make farmers’ markets more accessible, easier, and less time consuming with minimal commitment.


  • E-Commerce
  • Software as a Service


  • Android(Mobile & Tablet)
  • iOS(Mobile & Tablet)

FarmBox improves the farmer’s market customer experience while providing farmers and customers the tools to connect with one another, rain or shine. It makes it easy to bring healthy choices to our hectic daily lives.

The FarmBox shoppers’ interface allows customers to view farmers, their available products at that week’s market, and fill up their FarmBox.

Each box can contain items from every participating vendor, allowing the user to go to the designated pickup tent to pick up that week’s shop.

Farmbox was a concept that was designed from the ground up. A heavy emphasis was making sure it was easy to learn about the individual farmer, a key reason people shop at farmers’ markets.

The goal is to connect farmers to a larger buying audience while still keeping that farmers’ market connection shoppers desire. This was achieved through a modern mobile shopping experience with photos, bios, and farmer entered details in app.

As a start-up in it’s infant stages, Farmbox needed design materials to show to potential investors and interested farmers’ market administrative staff.