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Practice Briefs and Where to Find Them

Practice Briefs and Where to Find Them As a designer, there maybe be several reasons why you would want to use a practice project. Perhaps you’re just starting out and would like to bolster your portfolio with extra pieces. Maybe you’re looking for something different...

Tomato Time Keeping

Large projects and the daily grind can get to you. The longer you work, the more easily you get distracted. The Pomodoro Technique is designed for you to get more done with fewer distractions because it has distraction time built into the system.

Idea Hoarding

No matter how you decide to store your ideas, it’s just important to figure out how you’re going to collect them. There are tons of options to fit everyone’s ideal work environment.

Tools to get Started

You have the idea, the brief, the statement of work. You know what you should be doing, but you can’t do it. Motivation to take that first step is critical on how your final project will turn out.

Using a Coffee Shop as Your Office

Many of us aren’t able to have a dedicated office space for our work. Even if you do, it’s nice to get out of the house or office and set up shop somewhere else to get the juices flowing.